Small Commercial Biomass Log & Pellet Boiler



Project Outline:

The site comprises an engineering workshop, a house and an under cover swimming pool. These were all heated using two oil fired boilers which we switched to biomass, log wood and pellets. 

We opted for a log wood boiler, with an automatic pellet back up, so that the system would switch automatically to using pellets when the business was busy. All three buildings needed to have their heat controlled separately.

Project Details:

The client in this case has ready access to good, long term log supply. As well as this they have existing machinery / sheds on site to allow them to efficiently store and handle log wood fuel. That said, for times when the business is busy and / or they are not present there was a need for an automated back up to the log wood fuel. 

An existing building on site was ear marked by the client for the plant. This meant that we had to design a package to fit efficiently within this space and retain all the current walkways and doors. 

The pool and house are 50m from the location of the plant room. 

The swimming pool, house and workshop all must be controlled separately and heat supplied as needed.

Project Costs/Return on Investment:

The site heat load was calculated at 50kW, and a Solar Focus Therminator 2 60kW log wood boiler with automatic pellet back up was installed. The boiler is married to a 4,000ltr accumulator tank to ensure efficient combustion on logs. This boiler is unique in the fact that it will make the change from logs to pellets as needed and without intervention from the user. 

A 25kW fan coil convector heater is installed within the workshop to provide warm air heating. The existing house heating controller was reused and the swimming pool Heat Star controller was also re supplied from the biomass. 

An underground length of 50m duo pre-insulated pipework was installed to bring the heat to the interface unit at the house. 

Three Kamstrup heat meters were installed and the system was successfully registered on the Commercial scheme for the Renewable Heat Incentive payments. Through the RHI scheme, customers can actually make a profit on their renewable heat installation, and will receive regular payments over 7 years.


Approximate installed cost £50,000

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